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Learn more about the Longpath mindset

Longpath cultivates future-conscious behavior by drawing upon insights from the latest science and oldest wisdom traditions.

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The capacity to imagine many possible tomorrows


A commitment to acting in the interest of coming generations

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The ability to align one’s actions with broader purpose and vision

To Longpath is to actively embrace tools, practices, and platforms that counter our instinct

for short-termism, increase our cooperation and deepen our creativity.

For Individuals

Meditate regularly

Research indicates that a practice of mindfulness meditation helps people cultivate prosocial emotions, including gratitude and compassion, and can also bolster our capacity to think long-term.

Unplug from technology

Spending excess time on social media can lead to increased rates of anxiety and depression; by reducing time spent online, we can deepen our in-person relationships and allow more time for imagination and contemplation.

Join communities of practice

Connect with new people and build relationships while trying out future-conscious practices and discussing what futures where all people flourish might look like.

For Organizations

Ask "when"

When evaluating an organizational decision, encourage stakeholders to ask the question “when?” When will we see benefits and when might we see detriment — in the short-term, but also the very long-term?

Analyze your environmental impact
Connect across industries

Insights and opportunities exist across industries and sectors, and today’s biggest challenges can’t be resolved by single actors. The highest-performing organizations of the future will build effective partnerships across sectors, regions, and backgrounds.

Caring for our environment so that future generations can enjoy it is part of becoming great ancestors. We can make environmental conversations a regular part of corporate culture.

For Society at Large

Value the future

Our current economic and regulatory environments, from measuring the world's most important companies on a quarterly basis to radically discounting the value of  future human life in policy equations, encourage us to ignore the future. Changes to these policies, whether small and achievable or large and hard to imagine, can transform our society into one of great ancestors.

Name future generations

Future generations often are missing from our popular imaginations and policy decisions. We have named Baby Boomers, Gen X, and Millennials; what might happen if we named three generations that do not yet exist? If we created roles in government and business for advocating for these upcoming generations?

Create a holiday for the future

Our calendars and cultural imagination are happily full of milestones and holidays celebrating our present lives and history. We can add to these important moments a day honoring and celebrating future generations of humans, as well as a month encouraging awareness of future consciousness and futures thinking.

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