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Social enterprises, government agencies and businesses leverage Longpath Megatrends to galvanize positive organizational and societal change.

Human society — our systems, structures, ways of being — is changing fast. We all feel it. But sometimes the forces driving that change can feel mysterious. What are the shifts that are reshaping our cultures, demographics, governments, and economies?


Longpath tracks a set of 21 megatrends divided into six categories: demographic shifts, social and cultural shifts, science and technology developments, economic shifts, environmental dynamics, and political dynamics. Within these categories, we follow both the data and interpersonal experiences that reflect the transformations we’re seeing all around us — from a growing elderly population, to the decline of traditional power structures and the rapidly spreading effects of climate change.


More important than any of these individual trends are their points of intersection. Megatrends, we believe, are like tectonic plates – it’s when they collide that they yield their most transformative impact.


The image below provides an overview of the 21 megatrends at the core of Longpath’s work. We provide boutique workshops that explore the application of these megatrends to particular sectors and organizations.

Download Longpath Megatrends PDF

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