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At Longpath.Research we are deepening the scientific understanding of future consciousness and how to grow it.

To help people, organizations, and society as a whole become great ancestors, Longpath Labs is investigating the human quality known as “future consciousness”: empathy for future generations plus the recognition that every person helps create the future. Longpath uses a transdisciplinary approach in our research. Currently, we are querying the intersections of:

  • Social psychology, neuroscience, and sustainability

  • Philosophy, evolutionary sciences, and complex adaptive systems

  • Technology, deep ecology, and epistemology

  • Futures studies, cultural studies, and organizational development

  • Governance, social justice movements, and behavioral economics

Through this research, Longpath Labs helps identify the factors that grow, or diminish, future consciousness. Longpath Labs also investigates the effects of context on future consciousness. We believe that many societies today are in a period between normative paradigms, and we call such a period “the Intertidal.” Longpath Labs explores how humans might adapt and thrive in such uncertain times. From testing practices that engage our empathy, agency, and vision, to situating the Intertidal within the broader human story, Longpath.Research supports better futures for all people.

To learn more about our work, fellowship opportunities, and our growing community of Longpath scholars, contact us or follow us on

Read our white papers, "The Futures Need Feeling" and "Longpath: An Introductory Primer."

Learn about our network for scholars convening around 21st century wicked problems, policies, and solutions.

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