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Longpath is an applied mindset that uses reflective practices, dialogue, and cognitive exercises to counter short-termism and encourage becoming great ancestors. 

​We have developed a set of exercises specifically geared to generate multigenerational empathy and agency over the long-term futures of oneself and society. Think CrossFit — but instead of a commitment to fitness, we’re bringing people together around their commitment to future generations and being better versions of ourselves, today.


These exercises include a daily, Longpath-specified mindfulness practice; community dialogue on tough issues, futures thinking, and purpose cultivation; and activities that help people to more deeply consider their legacies.

Longpath.Gather, our community of practice, is conducted within organizations and at co-working locations, as well as larger on-going gatherings in New York City, SF, LA and Washington, D.C.

Longpath.Gather are regularly occurring communities of people practicing Longpath exercises together, building relationships, and working together to become great ancestors. Longpath.Gather in-person are now on PAUSE during Covid-19. If you are interested in joining an online Longpath.Gather group (10 people+weekly+not limited by geography) please fill out the form below. We are placing individuals into groups based on common interests and on a rolling basis.

If you are interested in bringing Longpath.Gather into you organization virtually, please contact us.

Longpath.Gather Digital Sign-up

Thanks for submitting - please be patient - lots of groups to build :)

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