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We face challenges that require us to think beyond our individual lifespans to the impact we have on future generations.

Short-termism is on the rise. Reactive digital media and obsession with short-term gain pushes people to favor instant gratification over long-term happiness. As a result, we feel increasingly isolated, anxious, and reactive. 


We can find a better way. Addressing these challenges requires investments, deferred gratification, and coordination. The futures we believe in won’t come from a new app or politician — they will come from each of us.


We can become the ancestors the future needs. Longpath implements shifts in thinking, decision-making, and behavior that move our society and species toward future-consciousness. We help individuals, leaders, and institutions to embrace and encourage future-conscious behavior. In short, we inspire people to become great ancestors.


We incubate narratives that invite future-consciousness, and we embed them in settings ranging from media platforms to spiritual communities.

The Longpath mindset

Longpath cultivates future-conscious behavior by drawing upon insights from the latest science and oldest wisdom traditions.


The capacity to imagine many possible tomorrows


A commitment to acting in the interest of coming generations


The ability to align one’s actions with broader purpose and vision

"Longpath" is also a verb: to Longpath means to actively counter our instinct for short-termism.

Longpath Labs helps individuals, organizations (including businesses, academia, and government), and society as a whole to become future-conscious. We help create visions of the future where all people flourish and help make those visions a reality. 

Start Longpathing

How do you think, act, and live future-consciously?