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Spotlight on Elliott Montgomery

An Interview with Elliott Montgomery, Co-founder, The Extrapolation Factor

Longpath: What are some lessons, ideas, beliefs, or stories your parents shared with you, or showed you through their life experiences, that have shaped who you are today?

Elliott: My parents taught me to cherish access to knowledge and the arts, to never take this access for granted, and to share it with as many people as possible.

Longpath: What is most important for you to pass on to your future kid(s)?

Elliott: I want them to have access to spaces for free and open conversation and reflection, that are untainted by pressures from whatever entities may hold power.

Longpath: What are your hopes for future generations?

Elliott: I hope future generations are able to prioritize universal equity in a way that past generations have not been able to.

Longpath: How will your family members remember who you were, 100 years from now?

Elliott: I believe our societies should de-prioritize the value of legacy, so that being remembered is not a metric of one's success. Legacy-building is a problematic ambition that inhibits equity in our current global society.

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