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Becoming the Great Ancestors Our Future Needs

A paradigm-shifting manifesto for transforming our thinking from reactionary short-termism to the long-term, widening our scope beyond today, tomorrow, and to even five hundred years from now to reclaim meaning in our lives.

"Ari Wallach won’t just leave you planning months or years ahead—he challenges you to look generations ahead. Get ready to think and think again." - Adam Grant, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Think Again and host of the TED podcast WorkLife

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We face challenges that require us to think beyond our individual life spans and to the impact we will have on future generations. 

Longpath is an applied mindset that cultivates future-conscious thinking and behavior. Longpath helps individuals, organizations, and society as a whole counter our instinct for short-termism, build more hopeful visions of the future, and turn those visions into action.

We are now well into this Intertidal period - between what was and what will be. Longpath helps us successfully navigate the flux by providing a framework and a community of practice that increases our ability to see more clearly and imagine better futures.

Pledge to become a Great Ancestor

Longpath in action...

Research in the behavioral and social sciences has shown that the most effective way to positively impact human thinking and behavior is via community. Longpath Labs helps individuals, organizations, and a variety of partners to become great ancestors together through futures thinking, transgenerational empathy, and visions of all people flourishing.

For Individuals:



Countering short-termism and building communities of

great ancestors. NOW ONLINE!


For Organizations:



Creating organizational change that drives long-term thinking and behavior.


For Academia:


Deepening the understanding of future consciousness and how to grow it.


For Society:


Curating and incubating narratives of becoming

great ancestors.


"In 100 years, what will it matter if we all use jet packs and quantum computers but we are still lonely, anxious, and depressed? Or worse, without the food, water, and energy necessary for human flourishing?"

— Ari Wallach

Our Team

Our team advances the scientific understanding of future-consciousness and brings the Longpath method to people, organizations, and society as a whole.

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